Our Strategy

Minimum Commission Minimum Fees

We understand that excessive fees and costs can stealthy chip away at your trading profits. Our clients enjoy Forex trading with minimum account fees of 3% and competitive spreads so that they can enjoy a real ECN trading experience..


While other brokers may hesitate before authorizing your position, We has no dealer desk. This measure ensures a faster, smoother execution when trading any underlying asset. .

Tight, Competitive Spreads

Our ‘bid’ and ‘ask’ prices reflect those of all major banks worldwide. This policy ensures that all clients who trade with us can buy and sell with a minimal margin between the buy and sell prices. .


We provide FX traders with clear, transparent trading opportunities. Once a client opens an account at AK global markets, they are able to open and close trades with the funds they have placed in their accounts along with responsible leverages


AK GlobalMarkets

Whether you start small or big, every account that we open, gives 4 key benefits:

Access to the market

Ability to trade

Learning Opportunities

Safe Deposit and Withdrawals


Tax-free Spread Bet VETA and Trading Station accounts are available to residents of the UK and Ireland.
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