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AK GLOBAL ADVISING is an exclusively private hedge fund that manages the investments of our global client base. Our trade group employs a team of established global currency traders with extensively verifiable histories of producing consistently unparalleled profitability. Our traders maintain specialized experience in managing client capital within the spot foreign currency exchange market (FX).

Our firm is an established trade manager with a global client base of private individuals, institutional investors and asset allocators. Historically, our firm’s trade managers have produced an unrivaled level of risk-adjusted profitability with unmatched consistency.

The trade team has engineered and developed elite proprietary trading tools geared toward achieving a variety of investment objectives. The program to which you have been introduced is an aggressive-minded product offering with an aim toward accommodating the aggressive profit target objectives of our international client base while maintaining responsible risk management principles.

Our firm seeks to produce superior risk-adjusted returns via highly liquid currencies as managed accounts through which our clients maintain full ownership and control.



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