Dr Antonio Rawad Nassar has been navigating individuals and companies to global heights of success for over 30 years.

With a high level of academic and industry experience across the financial markets, Dr Nassar is a well-respected authority on all markets related to FX.   ( PHOTO)



He boasts a Doctorate in Economics and Monetary Policies from the University of Trento, Italy where he focused his research on central bank monetary policies. In 2013, Dr. Nassar bolstered his knowledge of financial markets and forex trading by completing the course of Technical Analysis for Forex Market at MTI Florida, USA.

His industry experience comprises of a long and industrious career as a commodities analyst, specializing in gold, silver, oil and agriculture, which then shifted focus to the Forex market and currency trading.



Dr. Nassar has stood at the helm of many successful financial acquisitions and has an admirable network of blue-chip business contacts and clients.

He is the sole shareholder as and director of AK Global Advising Ltd, (LINK TO WEBSITE ) an investment company incorporated in Cayman Islands that provides investment management services to private investment funds.


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