What are Indices?

Indices are statistical measures of change in portfolios of stocks which represent portions of their markets. In simple terms, each index is a benchmark of the value of a bundle of stocks. They are useful because it can often be difficult to individually track every instrument.


Indices effective work mechanism: 

- By allowing traders to take a broader view of a group of equities, indices reduce the risk that comes from trading the stocks or shares of individual companies.

- When trading global equity indices, traders are also able to diversify their portfolios geographically, creating the potential to profit from market movements around the globe at a Glance.


Trading Indices with AK Global Markets: 

- a worldwide range of indices which covers most of the world's financial markets including Asia, USA, and Europe. 

- Leverage of up to 1:100.

- Our team composes professional experts who will provide you with absolute transparent and commitment. 


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